Deaf kids

Islam for Deaf Kids is one of the first if not only platform for Deaf Children’s Islamic programs. MAKING ISLAMIC EDUCATION FUN FOR ALL.

Islam for Deaf believes that all children regardless of disability or impairments should have equal access to Islamic Education.  Unfortunately this is not the case and we are working hard to fill that void. We have now started Islam For Deaf Kids which provides the best in Islamic Nurturing following the Qur’an & Sunnah of our blessed Prophet PBUH.  Deaf children from all faiths are welcome to enjoy and benefit from our Programs.  With your support we will soon be producing wildlife and Education programs according to the national curriculum for our Deaf Children.  Visit our Kids page to see more.

Help us produce Qur’an & Hadith Stories in Sign Language for Deaf Children Globally to benefit from.  The educational videos we are producing is supported by your Donations which help us to complete our videos with Sign Language and provide services and entertainment for Special Educational Needs, Deaf & Hearing impaired children.