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*LIVE ISLAMIC CLASS in BSL* The Blessed Month of Muharram 23/07/23/ Guest Speaker: Shaykh Mohammad Al-Malki Translator: Akeel Khan / BSL interpreter Tom Mould

Ramadan Hour Of Power programmes

Islam For Deaf welcomes you to our website and we ask Allah to help it bring benefit and guidance to mankind.  By the Grace of Allah and thanks to the Islam for Deaf Supporters we can continue with the Call to Islam to all Muslims without any discrimination of disabilities or impairments.

Your Donations helps a great deal toward providing these essential services.  So please show/continue to support our Deaf & SEN community. Your Donation Helps, May Allah bless and reward your Donations.   Jazakular khair. 

MASAB: Masjid Al-Samee Al-Basir. The First Masjid in the UK to fully support Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND). YOUR DONATIONS IS NEEDED. Jazakulah Khair 
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