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Islam for Deaf is a program Managed by the Registered Charity One Community Organisation 1130207

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Islam for Deaf/Blind News/Updates with Charity Commision & The latest news around the world.

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Highlights of the first Taraweeh for Deaf in British Sign Language (BSL)

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Islamic Weekly Classes in BSL 30-06-2024 How To Be A Better Muslim

Supporting the Muslim Blind Community with Braille Qurans & Qaidah’s

Quran’s & Qaidahs for Blind Muslims

Islam for Deaf supports Deaf Children around the world and provides access to islamic education & Services.

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The Prophet ﷺ said that giving charity extinguishes Sins like water extinguishes fire.

Giving charity will not decrease your wealth rather it will increase it, so be generous and give charity.

Braille Quran's & Qaidah for the blind.

Qurans £180. Quidas £20 USE DONATION FORM TO BUY
Islam For Deaf is one of the few Islamic organisations that fully supports the Deaf/Blind Community. **Important Notice, Highlight in reference section on donation form if purchasing for personal use / donating to Masjid / Donating to Blind Person**
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Why Support Islam For Deaf/Blind ?

It is important for islam for deaf to provide constant islamic education for the deaf community, as we are one of the very few organisations to do so.

Your donations help provide this service which is desperately needed world wide.

May Allah accept your donations and sadaqah

Visit Our Deaf Donation Workshops around the world.

Masjid As Samee Al Basir (MASAB)

Donate to support The Masjid for all regardless of disability. A Masjid for the Deaf/Blind and Special Needs. Allah is the All Hearing the All Seeing, Masjid Al-samee Al-Basir. Donate towards the House of Allah that facilitates for all.   CLICK HERE TO VISIT MASAB WEBSITE



Signed Stories for Deaf Children. ONLY £3 A MONTH will help provide our Deaf Muslim Children with islamic Signed Video Books. Take This opportunity to help provide Islamic Programs and support for Muslim Children who are Deaf & those with Special needs.  (Click Here to DONATE)



Sponsoring a Deaf Child means their Islamic needs and well-fair will be supported and maintained throughout their upbringing.  Your Donations help them to feel part of the UMMAH and not shunned away from it.

Your Donation can be anything you can afford to give for the Sake of Allah, from a one off Donation to a monthly Donation to Sponsor a Deaf Child.


June & July 2024 Video. Important Lesson on Tawheed & Shirk

Highlights for Islam for Deaf Conference 2019

Islam for Deaf Services Reported by the BBC

Islam for Deaf is the first and only Deaf Islamic walk in centre, providing Islamic Services for the Global Deaf Community. Watch the report from the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

Islam for Deaf performed for first Taraweeh for the Deaf Community During Ramadan 2017 which was held at London Central Mosque. With the permission of Allah and generous Donations the task was a success. By the permission and grace of Allah we plan to keep providing Taraweeh for the Deaf Community every year insha Allah, in different cities throughout the UK. Your generous donations help Islam for Deaf provide Islamic materials and services for the Deaf Community, so please support and continue to donate as we are still in need of continuing the call to islam in BSL (British Sign Language). Alhamdulillah since starting this program many from our Deaf Community has benefitted Greatly from the service and some including an interpreter has even embraced the religion of Islam. So Donate and Support Islam For Deaf. Click to watch full video

Islam For Deaf interviews with the Deaf Community.

Pay your Zakat to help The Deaf Community to learn & understand Islam

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