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Islam for Deaf is a Zakat applicable Islamic program which serves the Deaf Community, providing essential Islamic education, domestic & marriage services.  We have successfully performed the first every Taraweeh for Deaf in during Ramadan 2017 which we will now continue every Ramadan insha Allah.  Islam for Deaf provides Islamic classes in throughout the UK and Islamic programs for Deaf Children.  We also aim to provide qualified and registered interpreters for the Friday sermons in at least one masjid in every city throughout the UK insha Allah.

Your Zakat will go towards providing Islamic education and understanding to those who have been neglected in our community.

About Islam For Deaf

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. The aim of Islam for Deaf after seeking the pleasure of Allah is to provide Islamic Services and Education in a secure Islamic environment for the Global Deaf Communities from all Faiths and backgrounds. We provide help and support towards their Islamic Education, Health and Social Development, Enabling them to Learn, Develop and Thrive. Our educational programs help to empower and improve the lives of those with hearing impairments, providing essential support to help build their abilities and confidence that they need in order to independently succeed within mainstream society. As there is barely any Islamic Education in BSL or Community Centres or Masjids within the UK which caters for the Islamic educational needs of the Deaf Community we urge you to support this Noble cause with your Donations and Prayers to help bridge this gap in the Muslim Community.
This fact led us to establish the Islam for Deaf program in 2013 and by the Mercy of Allah have now successfully become a Deaf Centre. Islam for Deaf provides Islamic services and essential Islamic education ranging from the fundamental principles of Islam, to fun educational children programs and cartoons, all in British Sign Language for the global Deaf Community to benefit from. As a registered centre we are now a point of referral to other Deaf Organisations/Guardians and Deaf Non Muslims seeking Islamic assistance. We work together with different faith organisations supporting the Deaf Communities but from an Islamic view point.

Islam for Deaf Services Reported by the BBC

Islam for Deaf is the first and only Deaf Islamic walk in centre, providing Islamic Services for the Global Deaf Community.  Watch the report from the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).
Islam for Deaf performed for first Taraweeh for the Deaf Community During Ramadan 2017 which was held at London Central Mosque.  With the permission of Allah and generous Donations the task was a success.  By the permission and grace of Allah we plan to keep providing Taraweeh for the Deaf Community every year insha Allah, in different cities throughout the UK.  Your generous donations help Islam for Deaf provide Islamic materials and services for the Deaf Community, so please support and continue to donate as we are still in need of continuing the call to islam in BSL (British Sign Language).
Alhamdulillah since starting this program many from our Deaf Community has benefitted Greatly from the service and some including an interpreter has even embraced the religion of Islam.   So Donate and Support Islam For Deaf.
Deaf Day at the Mosque

Deaf Day at the Mosque

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Volunteers are an important part of our team at Islam For Deaf.

We endeavour to provide volunteers with development opportunities and training in British Sign Language (BSL), you will receive much thanks and recognition for your efforts, travel expenses, fun times and happy memories. By Joining you will be helping to provide Islamic Materials, Education, fun activities and educational cartoons for Deaf children and much more...

Sponsor a video (choose which video you will donate towards) Each video costs £430 to produce.

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“And be steadfast in prayer; practise regular charity; and bow down your heads with those who bow down” (in worship). Qur’an 2 ayat 43

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